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22 May 2011
Photopage for Kanouk, Kaendo and Slayer
21 May 2011
On May 29, 2011 a stunning male puppy will be welcomed into the Netherlands: Lir Con Maige: Slayer! To us he is a big addition considering our breeding program and some showing and we are very happy and ever grateful to Henk and Ietje Postma to provide him a wonderfull life full of agility.
9 May 2011
A very long wish has finally come true: (hopefully) a medium agility dog: Buga, listening to Kaendo!
30 April 2011
After 4 selections, Kahlen has been selected for the Dutch team to represent the Netherlands at the IMCA (International Mixbreed Championship in Agility) 2011 which will take place in our country this year!
25 April 2011
For the second year in a row, Kahlen has qualified for the EO (European Open) in July 2011 Austria!
10 April 2011
At the first grade 3 agility competition of this season, Kahlen has gained place 2 in Jumping
6 February 2011
Only 1 day after her final puppy has left to his new owners, Kahlen has qualified herself for the WAO (World Agility Open) which will take place in May 2011 in the United Kingdom!
3 February 2011
Saying goodbye!
1 February 2011
Our newest addition: Nice of you to Come Bye Better Barker = Kanouk!!
26 January 2011
Week 7!
19 January 2011
Week 6!
12 January 2011
Week 5!
5 January 2011
Week 4!
29 December 2010
Week 3!
22 December 2010
Week 2!
15 December 2010
Week 1!
9 December 2010
The puppies have been born!!
5 December 2010
Puppycam is online: see pups.
5 December 2010
Pictures of 8 weeks pregnancy.
26 November 2010
Pictures of 7 weeks pregnancy.
4 November 2010
Kahlen is pregnant: see Puppies.
11 October 2010
Kahlen has been mated: see Puppies.
5 October 2010
Kahlen is in season: see Puppies.
5 October 2010
More information about the studdog for our first litter: pedigree, pictures and movies.
5 October 2010
A new page full of all kind of movies from agility competitions.
23 July 2010
Announcement of Kahlen's first litter.
17 July 2010
Redesign of the site, technical update to new technologies.
3 July 2010
A big update of our website: lots of new pictures, the newest showresults and most important, many excellent results in agility where Kahlen for both FCI aswell as IFCS competes in Grade 3. In the year 2010, Kahlen has represented the Netherlands at the IFCS World Agility Championship in England and she will be sent out to the European Open in Czech Republic (FCI).
25 November 2007
At the biggest show of the Netherlands: Amsterdam Winner, Kahlen wins BOB, CC/CACIB and the title Winster 2007.
18 November 2007
At the Belgium CACIB show in Kortrijk, Kahlen gains again BOB and CC/CACIB.